What More Listings Mean When You Sell Your House

In today's housing market, the number of available homes for sale is a pivotal factor. If you're contemplating whether to list your house, the current limited supply works strongly in your favor. Your property gains heightened visibility amidst reduced inventory, particularly if it's appropriately priced. This scarcity underscores the unique appeal of your home, potentially attracting eager buyers seeking quality options in a competitive market.

The supply of homes for sale is on the rise, as indicated by the latest data from Realtor.com. New listings, representing homeowners putting their houses up for sale, are trending upwards, as illustrated in the graph below:

This graph shows more homeowners are putting that sale sign up in their yards compared to the same time last year. As Realtor.com says:

“. . . sellers turned out in higher numbers this March as newly listed homes were 15.5% above last year’s levels. This marked the fifth month of increasing listing activity after a 17-month streak of decline.”
What does this signify for you?

If you've been delaying selling your house, it might be time to reconsider, especially before your neighbors beat you to it. While we're not expecting a sudden surplus of homes for sale, each new listing in your area poses competition for buyer attention.

Imagine if your neighbor lists their house too – suddenly, you're competing for buyers right next door. You want your home to shine in the spotlight, not be overshadowed by others.

A skilled agent can ensure your home stands out. They'll help prepare your property for listing, highlight its features, and set an attractive price to draw in buyers.

Selling now offers the best of both worlds. With the growing supply of homes for sale, you'll have more options for your move. Yet, your home can still capture attention while standing out in the market.

In conclusion, despite the current low inventory, delaying the decision to sell could expose you to increased competition in your neighborhood. Reach out to discuss the advantages of listing your home before additional properties flood the market. Let's connect and strategize for your success.

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