5 Easy Steps to a Successful Move!

Step 1: Create a plan that fits your lifestyle and future needs.  

The first phase of creating your plan means doing some research. Consider your interests, financial situation, location of your friends and family, and how you envision living life to the fullest.

Visit the many different options available in the area you want to live (we recommend you visit more than once).Then choose a place that you think will best fit your lifestyle — think short AND long-term.

 Take some time with this step even if you havent fully decided whether you intend to move. It’s always smart to have a back-up plan just in case plan “A” doesn’t work out.

Step 2: Communicate with your family and friends. 

This step isn’t about asking for permission or opinions. It is a good idea, however, and sometimes necessary to keep family members and friends in the loop regarding your plans, goals, and wishes. If you do find that you need some help later, your support system will be on the same page. 

Share your plan, thoughts, and goals related to your current and future living arrangements and find out if they have any questions or concerns.

 Surprisingly, a downsizing move from a long-time family home can be emotional for adult children or grandchildren and giving them advance notice about your intentions gives them time to adjust to the idea.

Step 3: Surround yourself with highly qualified professionals.

 As you move forward, you will likely need the services of an estate liquidator, mover, real estate agent, organizer, move manager, home repair contractor, or others. Make it a point to identify and get to know these people and their services.

Get references and insure that they are familiar with a move such as yours. Downsizing moves (particularly into senior living communities) require service providers with specialized expertise. The same people you used in previous moves or for other needs may not have the skills, knowledge, or perspective that you need now

Step 4: Dealing with a house full of possessions.

 Sorting through personal and household belongings is
often the step that trips people up, causing dread and overwhelm in
anticipation of moving. It can be the uncertainty of where to begin, reluctance
to part with treasured possessions, or the physical work involved that creates
the stumbling block.

The good news — you dont have to sort through everything! Just focus on what you need and choose to take with you.

 Let the estate liquidators, move managers, and other professionals do the rest!

Step 5: Celebrate your new lifestyle.

 This sounds like an easy step, but the impact of this type of transition is often underestimated. During the hustle and bustle of the moving process, emotions get placed on the back burner.

 Dont ignore your emotional well-being. Make sure you reflect on how youre feeling throughout the process, as well as how you might be feeling about your new lifestyle – simply being aware and prepared can make a big difference. Open communication is key.

 Ask for help if you need it.  We all need support from time to time.

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