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Smart & Savy Home Seller Program

In today’s competitive real estate market, Fresno – Clovis area home sellers need CHOICES. 
As your partner in real estate, The Nazaroff Team is proud to bring back our “Sensible Listing Program.”
This program will ensure MAXIMUM EXPOSURE in the marketplace AND offer you a flexible real estate commission structure AND rebate option. 
Our goal is to keep more money in YOUR pocket…WITHOUT compromising the quality of service you receive.  


The Nazaroff’ Team’s  FLEXIBLE COMMISSION plan will range from 2.0% to 6.0%,
depending on who finds the buyer for your home — the listing agent, buyer’s agent, or YOU! 

Your benefit:

Having the ability to contribute and get compensated for your efforts.
You can run ads and hold open houses if you wish*.
Some of our clients have sold their homes to those they work
with through electronic bulletin boards and email.

Ask us about The Sensible Listing Program! 

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